Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Christmases

Nope, not a movie review, I am finally ready to post about Christmas! I know I'm a little behind. I say 4 Christmases because that is our life right now, and very unlike the movie, we love it!! Both sets of Grandparents on my side are still alive so we like to party it up with them as long as they are around! I will go through our Christmas in reverse, because that is the way the photos were loaded ;)
The big project this year, and my excuse for not blogging, was a quilt that I made for sweet baby Teags. I learned from my cute friend Ann in my ward. She is an amazing teacher, and I think it turned out well. It was a huge undertaking, and when Teagan opened her present, we all got a little emotional....oh wait, I always get emotional.
So this is Christmas #4 with my immediate family, the Morts:

Here we are at the Johnson's for Christmas number #3: we had a yummy breakfast and then snacked all day :). We shared gifts and had a Nativity! (this was also nativity #3, and I got to be in charge of all of them, probably because we don't have kids, nice punishment!)
Here is Ruthann getting caught in the act! I think most pretend to not like her snapping shots all of the time, but I know I love it and secretly everyone else loves it because every year she puts together a sweet calendar of all of the pics, and that is the gifts most looked forward to for all of us! We all get our copy and look through and laugh and enjoy it year round.

Christmas #2, at Grandma and Grandpa Mortimer's house: We have Santa come, do a Nativity, and of course, a Mortimer function without a huge amount of food wouldn't be a Mortimer function. My Grandma put this bow on my Grandpa's and said, "you are my Christmas gift!" and he wore it all night! I loved it, so cute! They are so wonderful. I feel so blessed that they have been such a huge part of my life!!

Christmas #1, at the Burton's, my Momma's Parents: This party is tightly bound with some awesome traditions. We usually start at 4:00and go until like 11:00...we started later this year because people were working, but we still partied it up! This is the awesome hat that my cousin gave me for Christmas, I think my Aunt Kazzy is still a little jealous of it ;) I love the hat! It is so cute and so warm!! Thank you so much Kaz!!

Speaking of Tradition! Yes, everyone gets to sit on Grandpa's lap, even the Grandsons-in-law. Emily's husband wasn't warned his first time, and I guess that is weird, sitting on your Grandpa's lap?? But he warned Brad so this is Brad's second year sitting on Rulon's lap!! Classic!!

Both Brad and I loved Christmas this year. We had so much fun at all of the family, friend, and church parties. I think Brad is still getting used to ALL of the family parties. We feel so blessed to have great family and friends to share this wonderful time of year with. And just remember Brad, 4 Christmases means 4 chances to get presents :)


The Johnson's said...

So glad that you can manage all the christmas houses. I too have grandparents alive on my side, three sets in fact (divorce and remarry), plus Ruthann's, now my moms and my dads. Whoooooo.. too much for me, you are my model for being able to handle it all. Glad you posted so I could see what you guys have been up to. See ya soon

Sabrina said...

Okay I have to know more behind the story of sitting on Grandpa's lap. Is it like he's Santa or something?

You missed an awesome lunch.

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Looks like you had a good holiday. It was super fun to see you guys, sad we didn't play more though! And hello that quilt you made was so dang cute! Wow, miss talented!

Hey and thanks again for talking to me the other day, sorry I have not called you back, it has been so crazy and I have been so sick. Weird. LOVE YA!!!

Kazzy said...

Man, I still love that hat! LOL You did have a great Christmas according to all of your pictures. You guys are fun to be around!