Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Motab Christmas

Ahh...I can finally breathe and relax....the busiest week of my year is over with...and while I am really happy that it is over with, I really did enjoy it this year!

So this acts as an apology post, and a "I'm back" to the land of the living.

I play with the Orchestra at Temple Square for all of you who don't know me and are stalking the blog.

This year we had Brian Stokes Mitchell...Go ahead and google him. I really didn't know who he was before he came, but man was I impressed! He has an amazing baritone, tenor, and bass voice. What a range. He just had my opinion of a perfect voice. Not too much vibrato, pure ringing tone and wonderful charisma. For any of you who went, you can agree or disagree, but I liked this show better than last year!

Not to put in a plug or anything, but this Christmas album will be one to buy. There were many numbers that were definitely out of character for the choir; Jazzy, soulful...I loved them. There was a Broadway feel and we even did "Through Heaven's Eyes" from Prince of Egypt, Brian is the original singer of of this one! So this album is going to be amazing. Even if you aren't a fan of the Choir and the amazing, but predictable music, get this album. It will satisfy.

Ed Herrmann, Mr. Gilmore himself, was also there and did some narration. He was hilarious, off stage, and very fitting on. I will also give him 4 stars.

All in all, I'm all Christmas music charged and ready for a great Christmas.

Let it snow let it snow!


Sabrina said...

Duh you should have said Gilmore Girls and I wouldn't have know who he was immediately. I actually am going to try to watch this Sunday because I heard his story of "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day" was very good. Our neighbor said it's going to air Sunday at 4:00.

Kazzy said...

I loved the concert. We were there on Saturday night and had a wonderful time. We saw you a few times up on the big screen! You were the best one on the whole orchestra!

Ruthann & Lynn said...

Your concert was great and got us all in the spirit for Christmas. Brian has such a great voice, but could use an update on the photo. He's not that young looking in person. Thanks for sharing your talents, we do enjoy them and you are AWESOME. xoxo Ruthann

Emily Chipman said...

I love that I have a famous sister!

snakeriverwalton said...

We went to the concert and it was good. I thought the falsetto Jesu was a little weird, however. Have fun over christmas- I think we're slummin' it in SLC- Maren isn't quite dependable yet on the potty for a snowmobile trip. I hear you have a crowd going, and I think Tom's family is plannign to be there. Have fun!

faith said...

that sounds like a great concert! sounds great (and stressful, i'm sure!) to be a part of it. i have enjoyed all of the motab christmas concerts i've gone too. i only wish that were more!