Wednesday, July 16, 2008

down town RISING

I work and I work we've had the joy of dealing with the downtown rising/city creek/downtown revival jazz. My building is right next to where they imploded the key bank tower. So I have prime real estate on a daily basis for monitoring the progress of our fair town's biggest remodel yet. And I'm here to report that all is well, and working according to schedule. Except for the rouge crane that ran into a building a couple of months ago!! and thus is born my worry. My sweet office has windows...for which I am not complaining...but I sit facing the huge cranes that are at work everyday lifting and moving. This morning it was like 5 feet away from my window and I was ready to run. I'm always ready to run. I watch very carefully for them to come swinging my way; I know where all of my valuables are and they are all ready to grab in the mental fire drill that I take when those cranes start a liftin'. Last month I noticed extra activity down in the pit as they started building the crane that they are now using to build the parking lots. I was glued to that window, camera in hand, and kept telling everyone outside my office that they just had to come see what was happening. For reference, I am on the 11th floor, yes that is high up there and yes those are real human beings who are on top of this very thin looking crane. They are all strapped in, but don't get me started on when the wind blows...those things are swinging more than relief society arms!

I love the the cranes brand name is: Bigge. You can see it on the sides of the cranes...bigge...I wonder how they thought that one up.

So this project really is going to turn out nice, I hope I am alive to see it all. What with all of the New York cranes falling, I've really learned to live every day to its fullest; smell every rose, taste every chocolate and really dream every dream because today could be my last day as I sit and watch the cranes.

Here is a website to see a really cool animation of what this is all going to look like when it's done, until then I'll keep you all posted.

This is Aisha Johnson, signing off as your downtown RISING correspondent.


Sabrina said...

I love the relief society arms comment.

Yes I also hope you live to see it's completion since I would probably be killed along with you.

Leah & Mike said...

And you get to watch downtown rising all the while working with SABRINA!! I still find that crazy that you guys work together - small world!

Jordan & Melanie said...

I'm just glad you have a window and not me. I'm closer to the exit so I can get out faster. he he:0) Just kidding.

At least we having something fun to watch while we are hard at work. :9

Emily Johnson said...

WOW..that would be so scary to work up on those cranes!! I am glad that is not my job!
your AZ cousins

Brad & Robin said...

Love your post! Ever since I've started working downtown again, I've been facinated with the cranes working on the building across the street. Glad I'm not as close as you are. Yikes!