Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I just found this really great quote from Ali Vincent who just won the Biggest Loser after loosing almost 1/2 of her body weight.

“I feel like that’s what beauty is — to feel strong and confident"

Check her out


Sabrina said...

Okay I had no idea you watched Biggest Loser. Okay maybe you told me but you know I have no brain. I was dying last night. She looked so great and I'm so glad she won. She did most of that on her own.

I was also so glad Bernie won. I love that kid. I also hated Mark so I panicked he was going to win the $100 grand

Kurt, Kortney & Mason Keisel said...

Love the show, love Ali, love everything! Love it!

She looks so incredible. Oddly, her unbelievable change motivates me, but not enough to make me stop eating chocolate chip cookies as I watched the final episode. Strange.

Alta High Class of 2001 said...

You have been added to the Alta High Class of 2001 blog. Check it out. :)

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Ummm.... hello! Where are you? Thanks for your comment on my blog, we miss you guys too. How in the heck are you? What are you guys up to besides work? Are you feeling any better? I have not had an update on you two, let me know! Love ya!