Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, it's official, we've been married for 4 months! Here is a picture of us on the night we got engaged. Just reminiscing! We've been enjoying married life. Before we got married I warned Brad that a lot of girls that I know got really sick after they got married. My sister came down with laryngitis, and other friends have gotten colds, the flu and other such joys of being human. While I was just teasing him with my threats, I actually did get sick after we got married, then I a little better and then I got sick again and then it came back...I won't bore you with the details....but, in January I was diagnosed with Mono! Hello, Mono! I seriously made it through Jr. High without getting it and I catch it now. Well, so, as far as updates for the old blog go, I've been sleeping, getting hooked on day time TV and rejoicing when I can actually do the laundry! It has truly been miserable and frustrating but I am getting better!! Brad has been busy with the dental clinic and getting in a little snowmobiling (usually once a week!!). We've taken a few trips to St. George for motorcycling and relaxing (and of course shopping trips to Vegas!). I'll try and do this updating more often, and get better pics!!


Nate and Mallory Johnson said...

I love you! You're too funny. Now I can get even more of Brad on the blog!! I am so excited!! You just have to update and I will be happy. We should take another trip to Prim- the edge of Nevada/Cali border, next time we should cross. I need some more clothes, except I haven't even worn the ones we bought, I will in time.

Anyhow I am excited to see that you have given into the blogging sensation. I know its lame-o but you'll get addicted. And what better way to see your family and friends exploit their lives. Yeah!


Jordan & Melanie said...

Yeah!! I love updates. I think the mono is from all the dirty weather. The sun should clear it up :0)

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Ummmm...hello sister-in-law , I didn't even know of this blog here! Whats the deal? Well, you two are pretty cute!

See you soon

Emily said...

Maybe one day I could be on your blog! :)

Sabrina said...

Oh now I get to see what the ring was like in the chocolate. Also I want to know more about how you didn't get mono in jr. high. Is there some stories behind that? Hee!

I also love the last line of your first entry. We are happy and healthy . . . I laughed really hard when I read that. Hee!