Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blessed Day

We gave our sweet baby Lydia a name and a blessing in our Church on March 27, 2011. It was a beautiful blessing given by her Dad. We had so much family and friend support, which just made the day that much more special. So this was actually at the end of the day, after she had pooped on her dress. Doesn't she look blessed? Family photo :)

Sisters! So glad Gabbi came in town for the event! We love her and her support!

So I haven't blogged in awhile, don't remember how to rotate, turn your head now. She was so reverent all day, keeping her hands nice and folded :)

My parents. Yay, my dad is finally done with Law School and home forever!!!

Brad's Parents

My mom's parents the Burtons

My Dad and his Mom, Grandma Paula. I really miss my Grandpa Jim on days like today.

Four Generations. My mom is my Grandma's oldest, I am my mom's oldest and sweet Lydia is my oldest.

The big dress! She loved it actually and really the miracle of the day was that she didn't poop on it until after the blessing :)

and our sweet little Lydi, I love her sweet face and feel so blessed myself to have her in our lives!


Carrie Woolley said...

Aisha, she is a DOLL. She's got some cheekies! I love that. I also love that she blew out onto her dress... gotta love those memories.

You look great, and so does all the fam.

Miss you like crazy! Keep blogging, I need more Aisha, please.

Robin said...

She is SO cute! You definitely need to blog more especially with a cute baby like her :-) You both look great! Love Lydia's dress!

carol said...

Aisha! Oh my heck, she is adorable. ADORABLE!!! Congratulations!

Lambert's said...

Lydia looks like a girl version of Brad - but lots cuter. What a special day. Congrats! DL